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Tuesday March 02 2021 

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St. John's Amateur Basketball Association to
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Hi Team Reps,
As a reminder wearing masks is mandatory for anyone not playing, this means they must be worn at all times on the bench.
Benches are limited to players and coaches, and cannot exceed 10 individuals collectively. No interchanging. No spectators. These are new rules, and strange to all of us, but compliance is necessary for us all playing basketball. I trust you will help us facilitate this.
Thanks for your continued cooperation, with everyone’s vigilance we can get through this. 
SJABA Executive
SJABA Winter League 2021

-League will start January 7th, 2021.
-Team Registration is open online at http://sjbball.ca/

-League fee $1400.00. Plus $30/Player for the NLBA Fee. E-Transfer : treasurer@sjbball.ca

-Both NLBA Forms need to be completed by each individual player and forwarded to the league at forms@sjbball.ca . Team Representatives are responsible of collection of both forms from players on their team. Both forms are located under documents on our website.
(NLBA Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims and Indemnity Agreement)
(NLBA Declaration of Compliance)

**Please note Your Registration money is due immediately and  your team does not have a spot until money for registration is paid in full and all COVID forms are filled out and submitted to the league**

-10 Regular season games.
-Games will be played at the NLSC (Powerplex).
*(Games will be scheduled on ThursdayFriday and Sunday with possibility of playing Saturday if games are rescheduled due to weather).
-Playoffs being March 12-14 weekend.
-No League Call ups.
-Minor Officials provided by the league.
-Due to Covid Restrictions each team will only be allowed to have 10 players participate each game. **Roster additions are recommended due to no league call ups to avoid forfeits.
- No spectators are allowed to attend the games.
-NLBA Daily Attestation form to be completed by participating players each game.

-Hand Sanitizer will be located at score table.
-League provided game basketballs.* Teams must bring own warm up basketballs.
-All team Representatives will have to attend a mandatory Covid Education Session,  January 5th with NLBA via zoom.
*Not adhering to NLSC/NLBA Covid Protocols may result in a teams immediatly disqualification for the remainder of the season and loss of all fees paid for registration .
-All teams must have matching, reversible uniforms with numbers on front and back of jersey.
-Please note any roster additions or replacements after team rankings must be approved by the league executive.

-Due to gym availability spots for teams interested in participating in SJABA Winter League 2021 will be limited.

Want to add/replace a player?    

Please reach out to your convenor:

D1 Convenor        Dylan O'Neill
D2 Convenor        Wally Lee
D3Convenor         Greg Batt
D4 Convenor        Matthew Cochrane  
D5 Convenor        Matthew Cochrane



 League Guidelines


Call-Up Players

  • Must communicate to your respective convenor your intention to call up a player (please do so ASAP).
  • Call-ups must be from a lower division (or same division if no lower).
  • Call-ups can play for each team a maximum of 3 games per season.
  • Call-ups outside of the league are permitted, if they are up-to-date with their NLBA insurance fee, and have been deemed acceptable to play by the League (email the league prior).
  • Any player playing in violation of these rules will result in a forfeit for their team. Please ask if anything is unsure.


Adding/Replacing Players

  • Must communicate to your respective convenor prior to the individual playing.
  • Roster additions are not permitted after your team has played three games. 
  • A player can be replaced on the roster after the three-game deadline, if the player being replaced is unavailable to play because of health, or away for work/school. This must be approved by the League.   


Forfeiting Games

  • Please give maximum notice if you are unable to field a full team.
  • In fairness to your opponent, we ask that teams make best efforts to secure adequate players as the Summer season is short, thus each missed game is a significant portion of the season.
  • If you foresee your team being short, please either add players to your roster, or secure call-ups in advance.
  • If you are unable to secure players that meet the call-up standards, you are permitted to “call-down” someone from a higher division in order to field 5 players, but this should be seen as the last option, as it will result in a forfeit.

Interested in becoming a referee?  

You can also visit SJABO website for updates www.sjabo.ca 

Contact Kevin Fitzpatrick (metrokevin2000@yahoo.ca) or (709) 728-0058, or visit their website www.sjabo.ca. 

St. John's Amateur Basketball Association Executive:
President             Chris Brewin
Vice President      Jeff Cluney
Treasurer             Andrew Nash
Minor Convenor    Paulette Hardimen
D1 Convenor        Dylan O'Neill
D2 Convenor        Wally Lee 
D3 Convenor        Greg Batt
D4 Convenor        Matthew Cochrane 
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